Objectives & Rules


  1. NAME: The name of the College shall be “INDIAN COLLEGE OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE”
  1. OFFICE – The office of the college shall be at the place of the college until a permanent place is procured.
  1. OBJECTIVES: The Indian college of Nuclear Medicine shall be the academic wing of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM), India.
  1. It shall wholly devote in academic activities to the promotion, practice and advancement in the Science of Nuclear Medicine and related subjects including Health Physics, Radiobiology, Radio pharmacy, Radioimmunoassay, Medical Electronic and Instrumentation and biomedical research using radiotracers, The college shall initiate necessary steps to introduce Nuclear Medicine as a part of the curriculum for UG and PG student in Medical colleges in India.
  1. It shall deal with all academic matters, formulate syllabus for undergraduate and post-graduate teaching and make suitable recommendation to the National Broad of Examination, Medical Council of India, University and National Academy of Medical Sciences.
  1. It shall organize seminar, symposia, workshop in different part of the country in the subjects listed in part 1, Para It shall also keep itself appraised of the academic activities of other international Bodies, and keep the member posted about recent advances through Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
  1. The College shall institute Traveling Fellowship, Visiting Lectureship, Awards and Medals for post-graduate student and young specialist on one hand and senior teachers on the other in an effort to augment the teaching and training programs. It shall also invite innovative and research studies from member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (India) for suitable award and certificates.
  1. The college shall confer “FELLOWHIP” to the selected member based on the recommendation of the Credential Committee. This does not include honorary fellowships. Herein after Member/Fellow or membership/fellowship shall mean the same of the college.
  1. The college shall collect outstanding works of academic interest, prepare teaching aids and make them available to the members at nominal fees. The same may also be made available to non-member at a premium considered fit by the governing Council of the College.
  1. The college shall in collaboration SNM (India) explore the possibility of editing a multi-authored text book on the subject mentioned in Part I, Part 4.
  1. The College shall explore the possibility of organizing training programmes for the technologists and liaise with the Industrial Establishment dealing with the specialty concerned to provide a bi-directional training, both at the shop floor and hospital level.



  1. The eligibility criteria for membership and fellowship of the college are as follows


MBBS + a recognised postgraduate degree in Nuclear Medicine (MD, MNAMS by examination, Dip N.B.) or ph. D with 10 years of continuous membership in the society     or.

MBBS + DRM (or equipment qualification) with 15 years of experience in Nuclear Medicine and 15 years of continuous membership in the society or.

MSc + DMRIT/DRP with 15 years of experience in Nuclear Medicine and 15 years of continuous membership in the society or

Postgraduate degree in any branch of Medicine with a minimum of 20 years experience in Nuclear Medicine, and 20 years of continuous membership in society


MBBS + a recognized post graduate degree in Nuclear Medicine (MD, MNAMS by examination, DIP N.B.) or PhD with 3 years of experience in nuclear medicine and 3 years of continuous membership in the society or

MBBS + DRM (or equipment qualification) with 5 years of experience in Nuclear Medicine and 5 years of continuous membership in the society or

MSC + DMRIT/DRP with 5 years of experience in Nuclear Medicine and 5 years of continue membership in the society or

Postgraduate degree in any branch of Medicine with a minimum of 15 years experience in Nuclear Medicine, and 15 years of continuous membership in the society

  1. The membership/Fellowship is to be proposed and seconded by the fellows of the college who initially will be selected as given in Para The nomination forms shall be published in the first quarter issue of Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine every year and shall also be available with the Secretary of the College. The Complete Nomination from in duplicate along with complete biodata should be sent to the secretary of the college.
  2. The secretary will submit the nominations to the credential committee for their recommendations which shall be approved by the governing Council. The final authority of accepting membership/Fellowship shall lie with the Governing council of the College. A maximum of 75 members and 25 fellows will be elected for the college. Authorized membership of the college may be increased in future by SNM (India) in Consultation with the Governing council of the college.
  1. After being elected, a member shall have to have to pay sum of 250.00 as entrance free at the time of admission. This amount shall be Rs. 500.00 for a fellow. In addition Rs. 250.00/Rs. 500.00 will have to be paid as annual subscription by member and fellow respectively. However, life membership and Life fellowship may be obtained by one time subscription of Rs. 2000/- and 4000/-respectively.
  1. All members/fellow should send their annual subscription by 30th June every year. The secretary shall write registered letter to defaulting member/fellows requesting for subscription to be paid by 30th In case of non-receipt of annual subscription on or before 30th September, the members/fellow will be intimated by registered post about cancellation of their membership/fellowship w.e.f.1st April of the succeeding year. The secretary will then prepare the list of vacancies created by default for necessary action.
  1. A defaulting member of SNM (India) will automatically cease to be a member/fellow of the College even if the member/fellow has paid the annual subscription or life membership or fellowship fee of the College.
  1. TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP – The College shall have the following types of member: a) Active members b) life members/fellows c) Fellows d) Emeritus members/Fellows e) Honorary Fellows.
  • ACTIVE MEMBER – These are the members who fulfill the requirements as mentioned in part-II, Para12, 13 & 14
  • LIFE MEMBERS FELLOWS – Any active members/fellow of the College who has paid one time subscription as stipulated for the purpose.
  • FELLOWS – These may be member of the college who are elected as Fellows or elected directly.
  • EMERITUS MEMBERS/FELOWS – A member/fellow who has retired from active academic practice by reason of physical disability for at least one year and/or has attained the age of 65 years may change his category to emeritus members/fellow, and this vacancy can be filled by election of a new fellow. Such members/fellow shall not pay annual subscription and shall not have the right of voting.
  • HONORARY FELLOWS – The name of the Honorary Member/Fellow can be proposed & seconded by Fellows of the College for consideration of the Governing Council for final approval by the annual/special General Body of the College.
  1. FOUNDER FELLOWS/MEMBER: An ad-hoc Committee will be formed to elect the founder fellow/members. The committee will have five members, comprising the present Chairman of the subcommittee constitute to prepare bylaws for the college, the President of SNM , two immediate past president  of SNMI and the Editor in Chief of the INJM. The Chairman of the subcommittee will act as the convener of the ad-hoc credential committee, and will be empowered to invite nomination for fellowship and membership in the prescribed format. The member of the credential committee may also apply for the founder fellowship/membership of the college if they so desire. Initial selection of 15 founder fellows and 25 founder members will be done by this credential committee and the result communicated to President, SNM (India) for approval of the managing committee of SNM. After the selection and obtaining the consent of the selected fellows and members, the ad-hoc credential committee will stand dissolved and the founder fellows and member will constitute the General Body of the Indian College of Nuclear Medicine. The electoral officer of SNM (India) will obtain the consent of all the 15 founder fellow to stand for the election to the post of the Dean of the College within a stipulated time, and then send the final list of founder fellow willing to contest for the post of Deanship to all members of SNM, requesting them to nominate a fellow for the Dean of the college by secret ballot system. The current President of SNM) (India) and Editor-in-Chief of India Journal of Nuclear Medicine will not be considered for the Deanship of the ICNM. This is being done in order to have effective functioning of all the three organizational constituents of the Society. The Electoral officer will communicate to the President and the secretary of the SNM the result of the Dean’s election. The President, SNM, India will invite the Dean elect of the college to form various committees as stipulated in the memorandum. The Dean will form the Governing Council and the Credential committee vide infra and nominate an electoral officer for a period of three years. Ten more fellows and twenty five more members of the college will be selected by the credential committee from among nominated by the founder fellows the next three months. The dean has the casting vote in case of a tie. The credential committee submits the selected list of members and fellows to the Governing Council for its approval which has final authority. This list should be circulated among the existing fellows before announcement of the selected list. Valid objections in writing against anyone’s inclusion as a fellow or member should be submitted to the Governing Council of the college, which in turn should intimate the credential committee for its opinion. The first convocation of all founder fellows, fellow and members of the college will take place during the General Body Meeting of the next annual conference of the society.
  1. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP/FELLOWSHIP: the Governing Council of the college can recommend the termination of membership/fellowship to the General Body with reasons for termination for its approval.
  1. CREDENTIAL COMMITTEE: the Dean and Secretary of the college and the President of SNM (India) of the year shall act as ex-officio members. The committee shall serve a term of three years along with the term of office bearers of ICNM.
  1. PRESTATION OF MEMBERSHIP/FELLOWSHIP – the founder Fellows / Fellows/Members shall be presented with a certificate of their being elected during the annual meeting of the College by convocation.
  1. The Members/Fellows shall be presented with a certificate and shall be authorized to

To suffix “MICNM”/”FICNM” in the list of their qualifications.


  1. COLLEGE YEAR: The year of the college for financial purposes will be from 1st April to 31st March of the next year.
  1. SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS – the college shall organize with the assistance from the local Chapter of SNM a minimum number of a 4 (four) teaching seminars/symposia/workshop/CMEs in one calendar year. Out of these one will be held at the venue of the annual conference of SNM (India) and will precede the annual conference. This session may include the convocation of the college. General body meeting of the college will also be held that evening.

The venue of the teaching session other than the Annual Session shall be decided by the Governing Council on the basis of requests received from the chapter during the Annual Meeting

  1. The Secretary of the College shall request the Regional Chapter Secretaries of SNM (India) to express their desire to organize teaching seminars etc. in writing, which should reach the officer of the Secretary before 30th October of each year. Governing Council during the Annual meeting shall decide upon the different venues of the teaching session other than the annual session based on the letters of desire from the regional chapter secretaries.
  1. 27. TRAVELLING FELLOWSHIP/VISITING LECTURESHIP: The Secretary of the College shall invite applications from eligible candidates through Indian Journal Medicine before 31st July every year for Traveling Fellowship. Application in triplicate should reach the Secretary before 31st The Secretary of the College shall also, through the regional chapter secretary’s, collect recommendation for Visiting Lectureships
  1. The application received for Traveling Fellowships and visiting lectureship by the Secretary and the list will be placed before the Governing for selection. If there is no Application for one particular Fellowship a deserving applicant for the other may be considered for its award. No interviews will be held for the section.
  1. The Visiting Lecturers shall have to forward a summary of their visit the College within 30 days of their visit, with suggestions if any.
  1. The Secretary of the college invites scientific papers/inventive works from the members of the association through Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine before 31st July each. The Committee as mentioned in Part 28, 29 shall decide on the awarded and certificates for the outstanding scientific works.


  1. MANAGER OF THE COLLEGE: The affairs of the College shall be conducted by a body called “general Body comprising of members fellows (also emeritus) and founder fellow of the college. The decision of the General Body called “Governing Council” which shall comprise of Dean, Vice Dean, Secretary, two joint secretaries and Treasurer of the college, President of SNM and Editor in chief if IJNM. Dean and Secretary of the college will function as the Chairman and Secretary of the Governing Council. The Proceedings of the college shall be present to the General Body of the SNM (India) for its information.
  1. During the Annual General Body Meeting of the college, the Dean of the College will invite nominations and elect one or two electoral officers by voice for a period of three years from among the members/fellow of the college. The Electoral officer(S) of the College shall on or before 1st June of every 3rd year invite Member/Fellows (Including Emeritus) nomination for the posts of officer-bearers of the Governing Council of the college. The Nomination must be proposed and seconded by active members/Fellow/founder fellow and reach the officer of the Secretary before 15th July the nomination must carry a consent letter of the nominated candidate. Candidate Along with the nominations there should be a 200 word bio-data which will be circulated along with the ballot papers. No other from of canvassing shall be permitted.

In case of an election required for any post, the electoral officer shall therein inform by registered post before 31st July to fellow/members whose names have been nominated for the  that particular post. Any of this members/fellow desiring to withdraw must inform the Secretary on or before 15th September. Non-receipt of any reply in this respect by 15th September will be interpreted as consent to contest for the election.

The electoral officer shall, on or before 15th of October, send to all members/Fellow, who are eligible to vote, prited and number ballot papered by Registered Post, duly signed by him and containing the name of the candidate duly nominated for the appropriate posts, requesting them to make on it the candidates of their choice prescribed on the ballot paper and return them, preferably by Registered Post, to the electoral officer on or before 31st of October. The ballot paper received after this date will not be valid.

  1. The Electoral officer will scrutinize the validity the validity of the ballot papers and announces the results of the election during Annual General Meeting. if he is unable to attend the meeting then he shall communicate the results in a sealed envelop to the secretary to be opened by the secretary at the general body meeting.
  1. GOVERNING COUNCIL/OFFICER BEARERS – the Governing council of the college shall have following eight officer bearers –(a)Dean (b)Vice-Dean (c)Secretary (d)Two joint secretary (e)two more member from the namely, The Editor-in-Chief of IJNM and the current the President of SNM (India)

DEAN –- SHALL have to be a continuous member of SNM for 15 years and has to be a Fellow of the College for three years.

VICE-DEAN—         Shall have to be a continuous member of SNM for 15 years and has to be Fellow of the College for three years*

SECRETARY – Shall have to be a continue number of SNM for 15 years and has to be Fellow of the College for a three years*

JOINT SECRETARY – Shall have to be a continuous member of SNM for 15 years and has to be a fellow of the college for 3 years*

TREASURER – shall have to be a continuous member of SNM for 15 years and to be a fellow of the college for 3 years*

TWO MEMBERS: The two members shall be the current President of SNM (India) and the Editor in Chief of IJNM.

*The condition of being a member/fellow of the college for a period of three

 Years will be waived off for the first three of years of start of the college.

  1. TERMS OF OFFICE BEARER – The elected office bearers of the college serve for a term of three calendar years for a single tenure of officer(this does not include the two members as mentioned above).all the office bearers can seek re-election for one more term for the same post or for any other post.
  1. The Governing Council shall meet at least once in three month and make regulations, issue instructions and regulate programme for the academic calendar, Monitor its implementation and progress and rectify the defects with suitable amendments where required.
  1. The Governing Council shall appoint committee, sub-committees, consider applications of memberships, and recommend its decision to the General Body regarding amendments of Rules and regulations for final approval.
  1. The Governing council shall responsible to the General Body at all times.
  1. MEETINGS –GENERAL BODY MEETING — The Secretary of the College shall notify to the members/Fellows/founder Fellow 21 days in advance of a General Body Meeting along with the proposed agenda. At least 20% of the valid members should be present; in case quorum is not sufficient the meeting shall be adjourned and convened by reassembling after 15 minutes. Ratification of the minutes of the proceeding of the GBM will be done on the same day by adjourning the GB for a period of 15 minutes and the meeting after that.
  1. SECIAL GENERAL BODY MEETING –The dean of the college on request from a minimum number amounting to one fourth of the active member/fellows can requisition a special General Body meeting through a notification initiated through the office of the college.7 days in advance of meeting.
  1. GOVERNING COUNCIL MEETING –The Governing Council meeting shall be called by the Secretary on instructions from the Dean with a notification of not than 7 days .However, under extra-ordinary circumstances the time limit may be waived off. Normally the Governing Council council must meet at least once in every three months.
  1. FUNDS OF THE COLLEGES: The funds of the College shall derive from the following sources (a) Subscription from the members, Fellow (annual/life) (b) donation from members, Industrial firms or Charitable Institutions (c) Any other from of donation meant for the academic upliftment of the College.
  1. The Society of Nuclear Medicine (India) will contribute money to ICNM during the initial two years as and when required to the available of found with SNM (I)

45 The SNM (India) will pay Rs. 10,000,00 to meet the initial expenditure of the college.

  1. The treasurer and one more member of the Governing Council from the same town/station will look after account of the college jointly in consolation with the Dean. In Case none of the member of the Governing Council is from the same station as the treasurer, the Dean shall nominate a member or fellow of the college for this purpose.


  1. DUTIES OF THE OFFICE BEARERS – DEAN: The Dean shall preside over all meetings concerning the affairs of the College.
  1. Shall guide and control actives of the College as directed by the Governing Council.
  1. Shall regulate the proceeding of the meeting and intervene to solve point of disputes.
  1. Shall have option to exercise a casting vote in addition to his normal voting right in case of equality of votes.

51 VICE-DEAN: The Vice-Dean in all affairs of the College

  1. 52. In the event of any emergency arising by reason of sudden absence of the Dean for a considerer able period of resignation pending acceptance by the Governing Council or till the tome of election of a new Dean, the Vice-Dean shall act as Dean in all respects.
  1. SECRETARY: The Secretary of the College shall be in charged of the College Office

54 The Secretary shall be an Ex-office member and member secretary of all committees. Sub-committees and ad-hoc Committees concerning all matters of the College.

  1. 55. Shall be responsible for notification of meetings, application for all academic awards medals, research works traveling fellowship and so on.
  1. Shall prepare Annual Report about the activities of the college and present it to the Governing council and General body of the College, Executive Committee and General Body of the SNM for information.
  1. Shall keep minutes of al proceedings and meetings.
  2. Shall help organizing teaching Seminars, Symposia, CMEs and workshop in different parts of the country with the help of local branches or organizing of Annual Conference of SNM (India)
  1. Shall respond on all subject on behalf of the college
  1. Shall maintain upto-date membership registry in Consultation with the Treasurer.
  1. 61. Shall bring all matters of importance to the notice of the Dean/Governing Council and General Body of information and consideration at all times.
  1. Shall keep in touch with other international academic bodies/College and apprise the members of the development that are taking place centers.
  1. Foreign Delegates: Invitation to any foreign delegate should be intiated with the approval of governing council.
  1. JIONT SECRETARIES: The Joint Secretaries shall help the Secretary in all matters. They will be nominated by the Dean. One joint Secretary will be from the place of the Dean and the other will be form the SNM headquarters
  1. Shall keep perform the duties of the Secretary in Case of emergency or long absence or resignation of the Secretary pending acceptance by the Governing Council
  1. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall receive Annual Subscription admission fees, Life Members’ subscription donations and other found on behalf of the College
  1. Shall keep an up-to-date Registry of Members/Fellows. He shall inform the secretary regarding the annual subscription as and when required.
  1. Shall disburse all bills for payment after obtaining clearance from the Secretary in writing.
  1. Shall point out any errors or discrepancies in order of payment and get it ratified by the governing council
  1. In case of disputes the Dean shall give the final decision.
  1. Shall prepare the Annual Accounts, get it audited and submit it to Secretary for onward presentation to the Governing Council /General Body of the college for approval during the Annual meeting. The auditor shall be appointed by the college.
  1. Shall be an ex-office Member of all Committee concerning the fiancé and funds of the college.
  1. Shall advise the College on all financial matters.
  1. TWO MEMBERS: of the Governing Council, namely the President of SNM (India) and the Editor in Chief of the IJNM will attend the meeting of the Governing Council and make active contribution


Dean, ICNM will be ex-officio member of SNMI-EC without any voting rights. Resolution passed at the 40th AGBM on 02.11.2008 at New Delhi.

The condition of two fellows, one proposer and other seconded, relaxed to one fellow for membership of ICNM. Resolution passed at the 41st AGBM on 05.12.2009 at Jaipur.

A member with two years membership of ICNM can hold a post in the governing council. However, no relaxation of eligibility for the post of Dean and Sub-dean was considered. For these posts, candidate needs to be a fellow of ICNM with three years continuous fellowship (as existing rules). Resolution passed at the 41st AGBM on 05.12.2009 at Jaipur.

ICNM Dean is entitled for an honorarium of Rs. 10,000/- per year for attending the SNMI conference or ICNM activities. Resolution passed at the 41st AGBM on 05.12.2009 at Jaipur.