Guidelines for Conducting CME / Workshop under the banner of Indian College of Nuclear Medicine

  1. Person, who wishes to organize the CME or any academic activity other under the ICNM banner, should be a life member of one of the professional bodies like ICNM/SNMI. A non-member is not allowed to use the name of society/college.
  1. A written request for organizing CME under ICNM banner need to be sent to Dean/Secretary ICNM well in advance (at least 2 months).
  1. Goal of CME/academic activity (viz., students’ education or promotion of specialty / professional development of members of nuclear medicine fraternity) should be clearly mentioned in initial request letter.
  1. ICNM/SNMI will not have any financial liability for the event. Organizing Secretary will generate sponsorship or funds himself/herself.
  1. If there are more bidders, decision will go in favor of that organizer who deposits a non-refundable advance of Rs 10, 000/- to college.
  1. Delegate fees or free participation will be the sole discretion of organizing secretary of the event. However (i) if activity is for Promotional Purpose, then no delegate fees should be charged for the event, (ii) if activity is for Educational Purpose, a nominal delegate fees for one day event should be charged.
  1. Scientific program and faculty should be decided in consultation with Dean ICNM and Governing Council of ICNM. If there are more activities in a calendar year, care should be taken that faculty for scientific program is not repeated. Organizer should take care of travel expenses and local hospitality of invited faculty. It is recommended that SNMI/ICNM members of the region should be involved as ‘Faculty”, so as to save resources and local involvement. In case of conflict of interests, faculty can be invited by organizer from other parts of country in consultation with ICNM.
  1. Information about the event and its scientific program should be provided to all members of ICNM/SNMI through email or SNMI website well in advance (at least one month), so that SNMI/ICNM members from distant parts of country can plan to attend it comfortably.
  1. Certificate of participation should carry logo & name of ICNM along with the host organizers.
  1. There should be a banner on the stage depicting ICNM & its logo along with the name of host institution.
  1. A detailed report of activity need to be submitted to Secretary ICNM with 15 days of completion of activity.