From President’s Desk

PrePresident, Society of Nuclear Medicine, India: Dr Anshu Rajnish Sharma

Dear fellow members & colleagues,

First of all, I must thank you for placing your confidence and trust in me, and electing me as the President of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, India.

SNMI is entering into its 48th year since its inception and has enrolled over a thousand nuclear medicine professionals as life members. This forty-eight year-long journey of SNMI since 1968, would not have been possible without the guidance of our teachers and the dedicated leadership of past presidents and SNMI members.

As I assume the office of the President, it gives me an opportunity to work for the academic and scientific aspirations of my esteem colleagues. We are experiencing a rapid change in our specialty with the advent of Hybrid Scanners, new vistas in radionuclide therapy and the availability of new PET tracers. We need to stay fit to work in this new environment and match with these advances. It is the responsibility of SNMI to provide a platform for continuous professional development for its members along with their day-to-day responsibilities. Even time bound university courses can’t do justice to this wide spectrum of clinical applications of nuclear medicine.

Our Priorities :

(1) We are working in a direction that creates ‘Sub-specialty Management Groups’ in a similar fashion as many professional bodies in the world. These subspecialty management groups (Task Forces) will comprise of a team of both experienced and energetic young nuclear medicine professionals with their key interest and expertise in their given subspecialty. They will further expand their knowledge and impart training to a group of peers who are willing to set-up newly learned techniques in their clinical practice. This system will provide more frequent participation and involvement of SNMI members, apart from national conferences. These ‘Subspecialty Management Groups (SMG) will bring the desired standardization and harmonization in clinical practice and protocols.

(2) We have to focus on strengthening our five regional chapters and their academic programs.

(3) We will modernize and redesign the website to give it a Face-lift.

(4) We will take an extra effort to have a personal inter-phase with members, promote their participation and encourage them to share their thought processes in SNMI activities.

(5) We will remain committed to the purpose of safe-guarding the interests of nuclear medicine professionals.

To our members I want to say, that this journey I can’t make alone as leader, but through your support, criticism and encouragement. At the end of my term, it is my dream and prayer that these possibilities and opportunities are transformed into stories of success and triumph.

Dr Anshu Rajnish Sharma
Society of Nuclear Medicine, India
Head, Dept of Nuclear Medicine
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
Mumbai, India