From President’s Desk


Prof. Dr. Rakesh Kumar RakeshKumar
President Society of Nuclear Medicine-India
Dear Colleagues,

At the outset I would like to wish each and every esteemed SNMI member -a very -very Happy New Year-2018.

Undoubtedly, our predecessors have contributed immensely to take us from the very humble beginning (filled with immense enthusiasm) of SNMI in 1967 to where we stand out as of Today ! But, as we have entered into the era of personalised medicine, we face different challenges in competing with other sister medical (radiology and Radiation/ oncology) specialties for providing both targeted diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare to the suffering humanity.

As the current President of the Society of Nuclear Medicine -India, the responsibility that has been bestowed upon me by all of you, I will not leave any stone unturned to uplift the face of the society both nationally and internationally. During my 25 years of practice in Nuclear Medicine, I was extremely fortunate to be mentored in the initial few years by two great internationally renowned Nuclear Medicine stalwarts namely Prof. (Late) Ajit Padhy at AIIMS, New Delhi, India and later by Prof. Abass Alavi at UPENN, Philadelphia, USA. I feel myself extremely fortunate to take over as the President –SNMI in the 50th year of our society’s existence when we are in Golden Jubilee Celebrations’ mode. And co-incidentally, my mentor Professor Abass Alavi is celebrating his 80th birthday around this time.

In the current times, our biggest strength is our extremely dynamic and highly competitive youth entering in-to and being attracted to our amazingly promising medical discipline. We shall try our best to introduce very interactive teaching modules both for the medical and non-medical students enabling them to catch up with our rapidly growing and highly inter-disciplinary medical speciality. I don’t see any other medical discipline parallel to ours as we have highly specialised doctors, scientists, radio-chemists, medical physicists and technologists working at tandem to achieve our common goal of providing the best and the personalised healthcare through innovative theranostics.

Nevertheless, in such a highly technical discipline having our workforce from diverse scientific fields, there could be an element of distrust amongst our members. And my prime aim and concern shall be to win the trust of everyone and to take along one and all to integrate ourselves progressively and passionately to achieve the common goal of academic excellence.

I solicit the support of each and every valuable member of our Society to achieve our collective mission.


With kind regards
Sincerely yours

Prof. Dr. Rakesh Kumar
President-Society of Nuclear Medicine-India
Professor & Head
Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Division
Department of Nuclear Medicine
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
New Delhi -110029, INDIA
Phone: 91-11-26594472
Fax : 91-11-26588663

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